CMN to unveil a new patrol craft design at NAVDEX 2013:

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    CMN to unveil a new patrol craft design at NAVDEX 2013: The OCEAN EAGLE 40

    In 2013 CMN confirms its will to propose innovating designs to meet the requirements expressed by the most exacting navies. In addition to the COMBATTANTE SWAO 53 and COMBATTANTE FS 56 new projects already presented in 2012, CMN goes on and introduces in 2013 new designs as performance criteria of its vessels.

    Based on its experience gained with the building of almost 350 vessels, 90 of which belonging to the COMBATTANTE type, which have been delivered worldwide thus making the reputation of CMN and are considered by all as performing, reliable and durable vessels accessible to all navies, CMN today presents a new design of Fast Patrol Craft:

    OCEAN EAGLE 40 Maritime Surveillance Trimaran
    (Picture: CMN)

    The OCEAN EAGLE 40 shall be shortly presented during the next IDEX / NAVDEX exhibitions in Abu Dhabi.

    The OCEAN EAGLE 40 is a compact multirole vessel capable of high performances, which can be operated in missions aiming at the protection of coastal zones or strategic offshore infrastructures as well as for electronic warfare or for Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance missions using air drones (UAV).

    The OCEAN EAGLE 40 is designed to meet the requirements expressed by modern Navies and Coast-Guards whose concern is to acquire a fast patrol craft with a consistent capability of intelligence and surveillance allying high speed and extended endurance.

    CMN has developed a multirole patrol craft, capable of optimized performances and easy to operate, designed to be able to fight against piracy and terrorism, to control illegal traffics and to support special operations or search and rescue missions.

    In addition to a 30-knot high speed enabling rapid intervention into the zone to be treated, the multihull design of the OCEAN EAGLE 40 offers an excellent arrangement associating performance and endurance. 5000 Nautical Miles can be covered by the OCEAN EAGLE 40 with a crew reduced to seven officers/ratings with an additional capability to accommodate 8 persons as members of Special Forces, for example.

    The extended platform of the OCEAN EAGLE 40 is designed to receive a 300kg-class aerial drone. The OCEAN EAGLE 40 is equipped with a self-defense capability including a 20 or 30mm teleoperated gun and two 12.7mm machine guns with a 360° fire range.

    In terms of electronic warfare the OCEAN EAGLE 40 offers large detection and surveillance means including a C-ESM function, an electro-optical one as well as a navigation and surveillance radar capacity. In addition a sitcom data link connection enables to send pictures, videos and tactical data, the whole equipment being interfaced with the “Combat Management System” and the “Integrated Navigation System”.

    The OCEAN EAGLE 40 is without any contest the multirole fast patrol craft fully satisfying the requirements of the Navies and Coast-Guards wishing to acquire a reliable new design of vessel offering excellent intervention and aerial surveillance capabilities.

    CMN to unveil a new patrol craft design at NAVDEX 2013: The OCEAN EAGLE 40
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    It looks more like a luxury yacht than a multirole vessel
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