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    So as many of us would have expected, there seems to be a constant tussle with the CM trying to usurp powers that did not constitutionally belong to him. The latest being the drama over the Principal Secretary.

    Delhi LG says ‘I’ve acted in line with Constitution’. This in conjunction to the drama already on wrt Lieutenant Governor Najeeb Jung asks ministers, officials to refer all files to him

    Rebutting Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal for asking him to work "within the confines of the Constitution" with respect to the appointment of Shakuntala Gamlin as acting chief secretary, lieutenant governor Najeeb Jung on Saturday said he has "acted fully conscious of his duties and responsibilities under the Constitution of India".

    Jung also revoked the Delhi government's order transferring principal secretary (services), Arindam Majumdar, saying it does not have his approval and declared it as officially void. Majumdar had issued the appointment letter to Gamlin on the instructions of the LG.

    "Lieutenant governor has acted fully conscious of his duties and responsibilities under the Constitution of India. Till date not a single action taken by the LG's secretariat is in non-conformity with the provisions of the Constitution," said a statement issued by LG Secretariat.

    "In the instant case, the chief minister was duly consulted on file and the relevant notesheet is in public domain. The delay on the part of the chief minister of over 40 hours necessitated a direction from the LG that orders be issued," the statement said.


    This is similar to the non-sense of unconstitutionally trying to introduce the Lok Pal bill in Delhi assembly in 2014. We all know now where that lies when people have to file PIL for Lokayukta appointment in Delhi.

    So whats really going on?

    Is Kejru preparing the groundwork to run away yet again?

    Is he trying to build a case for Delhi to be a full state?

    Is this to lay ground for excuses of not being able to fulfill promises made?

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