Closed mind at the expense of open doors? KV schools to drop German

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    Following is a compendium of links that deal with the lingering controversy at KV schools - shall be importance given to an ancient language that is spoken by barely 14000 out of 1,2 bn Indians?* Or - as the KVS argues - would it be rather wise to support students's career prospects as they are about to enter a globalized labour market?

    A few notes pertaining to the issue:

    - The Goethe Institute - aka Max Mueller Bhavan - signed a MoU with the KVS three years ago to start teaching German in 1000 such schools
    - Around 80000 kids in 500 schools were learning the new language
    - 700 German teachers have been trained by the GI under the aegis of the German foreign ministry (Auswaertiges Amt) to keep up with the increasing demand
    - However, the HRD ministry has decided not to renew the three-year-old MoU between the KVS and the GI
    - HRD ministry argues the MoU goes against the Three Language Formuala (teaching Hindi, English and one MIL in Hindi-speaking states and specific local language in non-Hindi speaking entities respectively) - though said to be hardly implemented in reality
    - The Sanskrit Shikshan Sangh had filed a PIL in Delhi High court arguing MoU was unconstitutional
    - Apparently, ministry is mulling over hammering out a face-saving deal

    HRD ministry: Kendriya Vidyalayas are better off teaching Sanskrit than German : NATION - India Today
    Third language: Govt asks KVs to not replace Sanskrit with German | The Indian Express
    Indian schools drop German teaching - The Local
    Indien: Aus für Sprachoffensive | Wissen�- Frankfurter Rundschau [German]
    Indien streicht Deutsch als Fremdsprache - SPIEGEL ONLINE [German]
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    Re: Closed mind at the expense of open doors? KV schools to drop Germa

    I think its more cultural basis then population, But again where is your source regarding 14000 ?

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    Re: Closed mind at the expense of open doors? KV schools to drop Germa

    Why do you want to reduce India to labour supplier contractor. Why not international traders? "Cause it is closed mind, which can think of Indians only as coolies.

    If numbers are considered globally, more people speak Russian, Chinese, Spanish and Arabic.

    IF it is nationally, may I know how many people speak Arabic and Persian, yet in civil services exams Arabic is a recognised language.
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    Re: Closed mind at the expense of open doors? KV schools to drop Germa

    Three language formula is impractical. It is very hard to learn two languages, let alone three languages.

    If German is to be introduced, it should replace English.

    Logically India needs more Chinese speakers compared to German speakers as we have to deal much more with China. All Germans speak English. So German language is not needed.

    Teaching of Sanskrit as an optional language should continue.
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    Re: Closed mind at the expense of open doors? KV schools to drop Germa

    Learning Foreign languages (other than English) should be left as an option for the student and not made mandatory.
    All our culture, literature, history is encoded in the native languages like Hindi, Sanskrit and other local ones. For the upcoming generations to understand who we are and grow up as Indians, these languages are the medium. For now, the child should learn one native language and one foreign mandatorily. Beyond that, he/she should be left free to chose.

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