Clash reported between Afghan and Pakistan forces along Durand Line

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    Clash reported between Afghan and Pakistan forces along Durand Line

    By Khaama Press - Mon Aug 17 2015,

    Heavy clashes have been reported between the Afghan and Pakistani security forces along the Durand Line earlier this afternoon.

    The incident took place around 2:00 pm local time after the Pakistani security forces launched an attack on the Afghan Border Police and Afghan National Police outposts in Nari district of eastern Kunar province.

    There are no reports regarding the casualties as a result of the clashes so far and the main reason that ignited clash has not been ascertained.

    A local official said the Pakistani forces used heavy and lights weapons to target the Afghan security forces.

    This comes as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs summoned Pakistan’s ambassador in Kabul last month to protest against border violation and cross-border shelling.

    According to the Ministry of Interior, the Pakistani soldiers were trying to establish military installations inside the Afghan territory in Angor Ada area in Barmal District of Paktika province when the skirmish took place.
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    Good development .

    At-least Afghani's are standing on their foot now to tackle this menace.

    We Indians ,should help them by providing intelligence about haqqani network , and ensuring no reconciliation between taliban's group as such.

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