Clash in Chitral over Kalash girl’s ‘forced’ conversion to Islam

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    At least Pakistani source is more explicit than British....BC.

    ISLAMABAD: Hundreds of Muslims clashed with members of Kalash tribe in Chitral on Thursday after a teenager claimed she was forced to convert to Islam, police and residents said.

    Police fired tear gas to disperse the crowd attacking a house in the Kalash tribe’s valley of Bumburate in the northwestern district of Chitral, where the girl had gone to give a police statement about her conversion, said Kalash activist Luke Rehmat.

    The Kalash, country’s smallest religious minority, celebrate their gods through music and dance – an anomaly in conservative Muslim Pakistan.

    Even a population of 4000 people is not being tolerated by these insecure pigs who want them to be forcefully converted.

    And then these pigs rant about Tolerance in India.
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