Church Dogma in Math & Science Education

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    Not really qualified to evaluate it fully but, seems worth checking out.

    Decolonizing math & science would also be easier than social sciences.

    This one also seems good, he has only posted 110 or so articles. I will go through them at later date & post relevant here.

    My article published today in The Hindu, was heavily abbreviated. The more detailed original article in about 1200 words is easier to understand. The petition to teach religiously neutral math, and related material is already on this blog. A draft of a more detailed paper on “Eternity and Infinity” delineating how the West misunderstood Indian math, and its consequences for science today is also posted online for those who want to go into depth about the connections of present-day formal math to church theology on the one hand, and its failures in present-day science on the other. Imitating the West in mathematics is bad idea.

    As for actual alternatives in math education, my experiments with my decolonised course on calculus have already been reported in scholarly articles such as

    Teaching math with a different philosophy 1 and

    Teaching math with a different philosophy 2

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    The author is highly confused. He considers western math as related to 'religion' and 'metaphysics' and wants to separate mats from some western religion. He then wants to teach some 'Indian' math-ganit but want it to be 'non-religious'. The very idea of separation of so-called 'religion' and other branches of knowledge is alien to any real dharmik world view and it is a product of very abrahamic 'enlightenment' ideology that developed in 18th century. Hindus have so many confused characters among them that it's a wonder they are not extinct. :laugh:

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