Christmas Gifts and Deterring Spam-posts

Discussion in 'Members Corner' started by roma, Oct 29, 2015.

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    First question i'd like to ask all you back home indian techies ( and in europe all indians wearing trousers and jacket are expected to be techies ) is as follows ..... the christmas season i sjust around the corner and i am thinking of getting presemrs - mobile phones for the kids in the family and their close friends

    i am budgeting at 120 euro max per phone -- i just googled and it says 71 rupees per euro, so let's call it 60 to be approximate and within budget ....that its to say mu budget is 72,000 rupee per phone , make it max 75,000
    or if you prefer euro then it is 120

    ...all the kids have laptop computers using windows 8 software ( or so , some win 10 but all are windows based ) .....
    so should i confine t windows phone or anrdoid ?? ....they are not techie so dont go for flexibility in programming and all that stuff - they are law students or heading in that direction , so no high tecchhie stuff is required just the usual word-processing capabilities

    what are your suggestions please ? euro 120 or rupees 75,000

    many thanks in advance to all of you

    (2) secondly the question of spam ....i conversed with @pmaitra and he suggested i post on the chat thread the following...( @LETHALFORCE said it was a good and applicable idea )

    i suggested the following method to get rid of and deter would-be spammers form throwing their junk onto the front page list of our forum thereby forcing the real titles onto the second page and we have to look for those threads

    simple suggestion ---- any new member who registers via the automatic signup doesn't get to post direct ....their first 10 posts have to be vetted first and then if approved, it can be let through ......anywhere in that process if we see signs of commercial or lewd posts or other non bona fide intentions , we can block their ip's ........if they have completed 10 posts , then they are deemed to be genuine and only then will be allowed to post directly .

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    Roma Ji,
    First of all, Euro 120 = Rs 8400 (Round off Rs 70) or as per your calculation it should be Rs. 7500/- you have added an extra 0.
    Now considering your gifts to Kids, I will suggest window phones specially from MS. They are far better than Android phones in this price range. WP are generally free of Spams i.e. unnecessary ads and battery back up is good comparatively. Another issue with low-end Android is they LAG like anything let alone heating..

    PS - I'm not a techie..
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    Rs 8400 is a bit less for an android phone. Anything less than moto g and the kids will hate you forever. In India phone is about showing off and very less people care about features and this includes kids too.
    You've to increase your budget or change your gift choice.
    As for the last part- I am not a techie :p
  5. thethinker

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    If they have Windows systems and also require word processing capabilities on their phone, you can opt for a higher end Windows mobile phone for easier integration.

    Just like Android, all you need is an outlook account and it will automatically sync all your documents to cloud (OneDrive is integrated in all newer Windows platforms). Also, Office Online comes bundled with Windows mobile.

    Regarding ease of use and security, all the backups of your Windows phone is handled by Microsoft (no need to install a third party software) and the tile based interface is very familiar to how it is in Windows 8 onwards.

    The downside is that many of the popular mobile apps that are available on Android and iOS are not available for Windows phone.
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    With 120 Euro, you can get a Android phone as well such as Xiomi Redmi 2, not sure you would get Xiomi Redmi 2 phones in Europe.

    I have used Windows and Andriod phones and I would anytime prefer Andriod over windows phone.

    Windows phones are rigid and there are not much options for UI customisation whereas Andriod has lot options and you would get apps for UI improvements and Android is quite easy to use.

    There are apps available on Android to block spams and ads and you could install them on any phone, when I was using Windows phone there were no apps available to block ads!

    Since you are buying phones for kids, in my opinion Android will be the right choice since you would get thousands games on Android, Windows has limited games.

    My 2 cents :namaste: and btw, I am a techy ;)
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    hello to all Indian members ( all of u are techies compared to here in Europe ) ...... it's now two years later and the kids have windows phone with version of windows 8.1

    problem is that now when they want to install any new apps from the windows store , the phone keeps asking for the Microsoft account and password they put it in and the phone asks again ???

    have any of you faced this problem and how is it solved ?

    ....many thanks for your replies
  8. SanjeevM

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    Again and again asking for the password would be a sign of some phishing site getting username and password.

    Try logging with same credentials on a desktop or laptop. If successful, change password and security questions to protect your account.

    I don't have a Windows phone. So cannot comment regarding Windows store. I will let others comment on it.
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