Chlorine gas leak: Nine more fall ill

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    MUMBAI: A day after more than 100 people fell sick as chlorine gas leaked from a Mumbai Port Trust (MPT) scrapyard, nine others were admitted to hospital Thursday with complaints of nausea and burning eyes, an official said.

    "Nine employees of the MPT complained of burning eyes, breathlessness and nausea since last night (Wednesday)," said an MPT spokesperson.

    "They have been admitted to the MPT hospital this (Thursday) morning and are under observation. None of them are in critical condition," he added.

    The spokesperson said efforts are still on to neutralise the effects of chlorine in and around the MPT premises in Hay Bunder in Sewri, southcentral Mumbai.

    "Experts from the Maharashtra Disaster Management Authority are assisting us in the neutralisation process and in the relief operations," the spokesperson said.

    "Although the process had slowed down in the morning due to strong wind, we will finish the process by tonight (Thursday). We expect no danger to lives and most of our employees are back to work," he added.

    Out of the 100 patients admitted to Sir J.J. Hospital, 78 have been discharged.

    "Only 18 patients have been kept under observation today (Thursday)," said T.P. Lahane, the dean of the hospital.

    More than 100 people had taken ill after chlorine gas leaked early Wednesday at the MPT scrapyard. The gas leak was noticed around 3.30 a.m. when people in the area started complaining of burning eyes, breathlessness and nausea.

    A total of 141 cylinders, of which 136 were empty, were lying in open for nearly 14 years in the scrapyard. The cylinders were imported in 1997, but the importers had not taken delivery of the consignment.
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    Thankfully, this one's was not that toxic as compared to the one in Bhopal (Methyl Iso-cyanite), most people were discharged after preliminary treatment !

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