Chinese Woes in the US

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    It is really hard on the Chinese that they are up a gum tree because of the budget cut.

    However, one wonders why the Chinese are not helping each other, because after all they are a close knit society wherever they go and they tend to look after their own brood.

    The Chinese don't eat very elaborate meals as such and one wonders why they cannot help these old people with some fried rice or noodles and maybe a bowl of soup made out of the same stock used for rice/ noodles.

    Also, the Chinese are a rich lot.

    Surely their children can afford to put their parents up with them or send them to the Old Age Home.

    While I do appreciate that the Chinese have a love for Money, but then should they abandon their parents and always expect the Govt to give handouts so that their parents can have a meal?

    Depending on handouts surely is the right way to 'lose face'.
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