Chinese village builds 7 floor government office for 8 govt officials

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    Chinese village builds seven-floor government office

    Tiny Chinese village pours millions into vast seven-floor office for just eight government workers


    Barely three months after China Imposed a strict ban on all new government buildings, a tiny village in the central province of Hunan has erected the latest in a series of ostentatious Communist party palaces.

    There are only five government officials in the village of Yungai, on the outskirts of the city of Changsha. Then there are two secretaries and a university graduate who helps out.

    But that has not stopped the village borrowing a reported 15 million yuan (£1.5 million) to build a seven-floor building that towers over the rest of town.

    In recent years, it has become common practice for any local government in China with a shred of self-respect to build itself the largest possible office.

    Replicas of the White House, or of Washington DC's Capitol building, have become popular. In the eastern city of Fuyang, officials spent 30 million yuan on such a headquarters.

    In Loudi, in Hunan province, Chinese state media reported that one particular committee had an office so large that each official had 4,500 sq ft to work in.

    But faced with growing criticism of the self-glorifying structures, the Chinese media reported a ban in July on all new buildings for the next five years.

    There would be, according to Beijing, "an across-the-board halt to the construction of new government buildings, training centres or hotels," said Xinhua.

    The predictions that such a ban would be hard to enforce have been borne out in Yungai.

    "To build this office, the village owes more than ten million yuan to the construction company," reported Caijing, a Chinese business magazine, from Yungai.

    The local party secretary, Tan Junwu, told Caijing that the palace was part of a plan to make Yungai, where the average income is just £900 a year, seem like a modern and forward-thinking community.

    "There are 3,683 people living in the village. Tan Junwu said the grand office would attract business and investment and there was nothing wrong with it," the magazine reported.

    Currently, however, no one is using any offices above the first floor of the building. Dust covers the expensive leather sofas in its meeting rooms.

    The county government, however, is rapidly trying to dissociate itself from the project. "We did not give them permission," a spokesman said.
    "Usually you need permission first before you start building."

    Chinese village builds seven-floor government office - Telegraph


    This shows the Chinese fetish to go broke, but do everything to create a false image of 'success' and grandeur.

    Just like th Johnny Come Latelys.

    All Show, No Go, as they say.

    It is totally daft to build such a large building at such an enormous cost that cannot be pay

    Imagine how silly the Chinese can be that they build copy cat White Houses!

    As if the White House is the last word in aesthetics in architecture!

    They are so shallow that they are not proud of their own and instead copy others as if thing of China is total junk.

    It show what a low esteem they have for themselves!.
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    Re: Chinese village builds 7 floor government office for 8 govt offici

    Ghost towns/buildings on rise in China in addition to smog.

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