Chinese takeaway: BJP’s Beijing

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    The Congress Party's (UPA) equation with China was that of a bed wetter - an attitude that is so common of those who have never been to a front line or seen a rifle fired out of sheer mistake. And there are many 'intellectuals' and 'scholars' of the champagne guzzling, cheese nibbling, diamond glittering class abounding the drawing rooms of India who are afflicted with the idea that Chinese are not human, but dragons breathing fire.

    The BJP has taken them on equal terms unlike the weak kneed confused Congress. Sushma Swaraj has stated there is nothing like One China policy, if China does not reciprocate.

    And while the Chinese are aggressive, soaking and dripping in convoluted false nationalism, but they are also pragmatic.

    And they love the smell of money! It is heavenly to them and their greed. This has to be exploited without compromising security.

    Modi, the Gujarati, also loves money and enterprise.

    Therefore, while the East is the East (China) and the West is the West (India), there is good reasons to believe that the twain shall meet.

    But Modi is no Manmohan or Empress Sonia. He is not meek and running scared. He will drive a hard bargain.

    And Xi is no fool either,

    China is getting boxed in by the Pivot Asia and Modi is on his way to wing away to the US, having had a jolly good outing in Japan on all facets and with Australia looking India.

    Xi's aim will be to ensure there is leeway to not help India cement too strong an anti China string of anti China pearls.

    having "peacefully risen", Xi will ensure that he and China 'peacefully disintegrate' the bon hiomie that is being built to strangulate China rise to world domination.

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