Chinese Succeed With SLBM Launch

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    Reports are swirling around that the People’s Liberation Army Navy has successfully tested Submarine Launched Ballistic Missiles. If so, this achievement would represent an important advance in China’s strategic capabilities.

    Norman Polmar, the respected naval and intelligence author. mentioned this at a presentation Wednesday evening while discussing his new book, Project Azorian. Since then, we’ve been trying to get more details. Polmar says in an email that the missile test submarine is a Soviet-built Project 629/Golf diesel-electric submarine. The only public mention of this so far (in English) comes in a South Korean newspaper, the Chosun Ibo. This is what the South Korean paper says the Chinese daily said: “The Changcheng 200 smoothly accomplished scores of test-launch missions of ballistic missiles over the past 46 years. It received the title ‘vanguard submarine of underwater test launches’ from Hu Jintao, the chairman of the Central Military Commission, last August,” the daily said. (We can’t find any mentions in English.)

    This week: The Pentagon is gearing up for the budget presentations on Feb 14. The Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessment previews the budget during its authoritative briefing on Thursday. The Air Force is developing its game plan on the tanker contract award. Congress is pretty quiet this week, though the House Armed Services emerging threats and capabilities subcommittee holds a Friday hearing at 11:30 a.m. on cyber issues. Tomorrow morning, we’ll run our commentary by Dean Cheng of the Heritage Foundation about just what was accomplished during the recent Washington visit of President Jun Jintao. And we’ve got breakfast on Wednesday with Paul Kaminski, head of the Defense Science Board, one of the best brains operating in the U.S. defense world.

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    Very interesting. This represents an important step in China's capabilities. And I believe this to be true.

    In 2010, China conducted a secret test of Julang-2, but failed after a booster failed to ignite and the missile fell back down on the submarine.

    I believe this 2nd test might have actually been successful.

    In light of this recent activity at Chinese shipyards, it presents a potent threat:

    What I don't understand, though, is why choose a Golf submarine for this. The Golf-class submarine is the K-129 hull, which is old. Additionally, the two Golf-class submarines, rumoured to be with the PLAN are either: a training vessel or reportedly able to carry two JL-1 SLBMs for rapid deployment. China has had an SLBM capability ever since the 1970's. If they were to demonstrate a more advanced SLBM capability, they wouldve sought, in my opinion, to test it from or synchronize it with the 09-4 SSBNs or the Han-class SSBNs. Unless, of course, you allude to the alternative probability of them being prepared to write off the machine. Watch out for upcoming tests on new submarines.

    For more info. on Chinese submarines, read:
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    OFF TOPIC BUT DOES INDIA TOO HAS Indigenous slbm capability ? or we are depending upon russia /france for this or we are in testing mode if yes when we are going to test it any probable date for it?
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    We are planning to induct the K-4 ballistic missile having a range of 3500 km into our Arihant subs by 2017-18 respectively. By 2012, the first Arihant sub will be inducted into the Navy armed with the K-15 missile having a range of 750 kms.

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    China Publicizes Submarine Missile LaunchJan. 31, 2011 10:09 KST
    Chinese sailors take an oath on the deck of the Changcheng 200 submarine. /People's Liberation Army Daily
    The Chinese People's Liberation Army Daily on Friday carried a photo on its front page of the Changcheng 200 submarine test-firing a missile.

    The disclosure of the exercise follows the dramatic test flight earlier this month of a new stealth fighter jet that coincided with the visit of U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates.

    The news was also reported by the official Xinhua news agency, the web edition of the People's Daily, and the Science and Technology Daily the following day. They did not specify when and where the test took place.

    The Changcheng 200, commissioned in 1966, is a large G-class conventional submarine, 98 m long and 8.6 m wide. It is powered by diesel engines and electric motors. The sub first test-launched a missile in 1982, but this was the first time a firing exercise has ever been made public.

    "The Changcheng 200 smoothly accomplished scores of test-launch missions of ballistic missiles over the past 46 years. It received the title 'vanguard submarine of underwater test launches' from Hu Jintao, the chairman of the Central Military Commission, last August," the daily said.

    The sub is under the command of the North Sea Fleet, which supervises the Balhae Sea (Bohai) and the West Sea. The missile is believed to be a Changjian-10 submarine-launched cruise missile also known as an "aircraft carrier killer." This spawned speculation that the drill was staged in preparation for the entry into the West Sea by U.S. aircraft carriers.

    Earlier on Jan. 26, official Chinese media revealed the test-launch of a nuclear missile by the Second Artillery Force, the Chinese Army's strategic nuclear missile unit.

    Diplomats in Beijing speculated that China aims to show off the modernization of its military at home and abroad and enhance military transparency as demanded by the U.S. and the West.

    A military expert in Beijing said the official Chinese media outlets on Jan. 26 gave massive coverage of the test-launch of a nuclear missile by the Second Artillery Force even though it failed. "It appears that the military is unveiling these weapons to emphasize their defense readiness," the expert speculated.
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    This is so so, some rumors that in Dec 2010 PLA tested an anti ship ballistic missile and got a big success, the warhead broke through the target ship with high speed.

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