Chinese PM urges constructive criticism of government

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    Chinese Prime Minister Wen Jiabao has called on the country's people to criticize the government in order to improve its work, the Jinghua Shibao newspaper said on Wednesday.

    The statement was made on Monday during Wen's meeting with Chinese regional residents, who were in Beijing ahead of an annual all-China meeting of people's representatives due in early March, the newspaper said.

    The incident was the first time in 61 years when a Chinese prime minister met the delegates, the report said.

    Wen stressed the necessity of "widening the channel through which the people can express their opinions and their proposals to the government, and creating opportunities for the people to criticize and control those in power."

    "Only by listening to the people's voice, by facing bravely its critics, can the government better meet its citizen's expectations," the prime minister was quoted by the newspaper as saying.

    Many Chinese people come from the country's regions to Beijing between late February and early March to file their claims to the authorities.



    Its like plastering someone from head-to-toe & telling them you've opportunity to speak..............

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