Chinese man sues after dog facelift ends in tragedy

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    Chinese man sues after dog facelift ends in tragedy

    A Chinese dog breeder is reportedly suing an animal hospital for nearly £90,000 after his Tibetan Mastiff died while undergoing a facelift.

    The man, named only as Mr Yu, told Chinese media he had hoped a 1,400 yuan (£140) session of plastic surgery would make the dog more attractive to other dog-owners looking for a breeding partner.

    "If my dog looks better, female dog owners will pay a higher price when they want to mate their dog with mine," he told the Global Times.

    But the Tibetan Mastiff – a trophy dog among China's growing legion of nouveau riche – reportedly died on the operating table last November after suffering heart failure possibly linked to the anaesthetic.

    Mr Yu is now demanding 880,000 yuan in compensation – the original price he claims to have paid for the dog.

    Breeding Tibetan Mastiffs – famed for their intelligence but notorious for their ferocity – has become big business in China. In 2011 a Chinese coal baron splashed out £945,000 on one such pet, reputedly making it the world's most expensive dog.

    Speaking to China's official news agency Xinhua last year, millionaire dog breeder Li Yongfu said the Tibetan Mastiff had become a sought-after status symbol.

    "If you are rich, you can easily buy a big house or a Lamborghini. But owning a pure-bred mastiff is quite another thing. It's solid evidence of your wealth, power and taste, and makes a most presentable gift for your clients and partners," he said.

    Mr Yu, who runs a breeding centre in Beijing, has been lambasted by animal rights activists for placing his dog under the knife.

    "It's unfair. It only meets the aesthetic desire for the owner, completely ignoring the rights and interests of the dog," Qin Xiaona, the head of Beijing's Capital Animal Welfare Association, told the Global Times.

    Chinese man sues after dog facelift ends in tragedy - Telegraph


    This does prove that Chinese people are rolling in money.

    Note the cost of dogs.

    Imagine the loss to the poor breeder because of veterinary negligence and money is like God for the Chinese and so is Dogs!
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    Facelift of dog?? Bare walle log ha chini

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