Chinese-made fake Indian drugs hurt industry's image in Africa

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    Chinese-made fake Indian drugs hurt industry's image in Africa
    [​IMG] 28 July 2009
    Chinese drugs flooding West Africa with made in India labels are denting the image of India's pharmaceutical industry. They are also hindering its forays in the African markets.
    The centre has initiated a mission to promote Indian pharma brands in Africa. A high level delegation, led by joint secretary, department of commerce, visited Addis Ababa and other countries where it met African health ministers. Another meeting has been planned between the pharmaceutical industry and Nigerian regulators.
    Recently, the Central Drugs Standard Control Organisation had detected three instances of fake imported bulk drugs from China. (See: Government moves to act against fake Chinese bulk drugs)
    "Drugs of Chinese origin are reaching Nigeria with labels saying these are made in India," Pharmexcil executive director PV Appaji said.

    According to him, counterfeit drugs and generic violations affect access to low-cost generic drugs.
    The Pharmexcil delegation is also expected to visit countries Mozambique, Botswana and Zambia. Three months earlier, a delegation from Pharmexcil had visited Ghana, Nigeria and Cote d'Ivoire in West Africa. : Chinese-made fake Indian drugs hurt industry's image in Africa
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    Fake 'Made In India' drugs: China admits its cos' involvement

    Fake 'Made In India' drugs: China admits its cos' involvement - India - NEWS - The Times of India
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    So, finally chinese govt. owns up to the follies of its avaricious companies which are bent upon selling fake drugs but with an Indian label. Good.
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    China apologises to Nigeria over fake drugs

    Abuja: China has formerly apologised to Nigeria for alleged export of fake drugs by some Chinese firms to that country and assured to take punitive action against those involved in the nexus.

    At a meeting of global coalition partners against fake drugs manufacture, importation and exportation in Abuja, Chinese Ambassador to Nigeria Rong Yansong regretted the exportation of fake drugs to the West African country by some Chinese nationals and industries.

    "I wish to use this opportunity to apologise to Nigeria for the exportation of such products to the country. The Chinese government would ensure punishment to firms exporting fake drug to Nigeria," he said.

    The apology comes amid rampant cases of alleged fake drug imports, triggering an intense campaign by the Nigerian anti-fake drug agency against unwholesome drugs

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