Chinese Influence On Indian strategy

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    As the news of the growing Chinese army infiltration on the eastern border of India was seeping through, came the double whammy news of Chinese army divisions presence in POK(Pakistan Occupied Kashmir) on the north-western border of India. These two news completely unnerved not only the military establishment but the political establishment too.

    You might remember few years back Indian Army conducted a study called "Divine Matrix" which predicted a Chinese invasion of India by 2016-2017. Thus to some extent Indian Armed forces were aware of the situation but as usual the political bosses were least bothered. In the past 3-4 months that has changed drastically. PM Manmohan Singh was briefed about the sorry state of affair on our eastern border and impressed upon the need to improve if India has to avoid another 1962 kind of catastrophe.

    China Forces Indian Army And Air Force To Hasten Defensive Plans - World Of Defense
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    India has nuke, war end. India do not need waste money on any others but missile. India should nuke arm Vietnam, Philippines.
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