Chinese industrialist criticises government

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    BEIJING: A prominent Chinese industrialist has spoken out against "selective law enforcement" by government agencies entrusted with curbing corruption and illegal activities. The industrialist, Liu Chuanzhi, said that uneven government action was causing a lot of unease among businessmen.

    "If entrepreneurs are made to feel uneasy, some entrepreneurs will pay more attention to relationships with the government rather than running their companies well," Liu, chairman of Legend Holdings, China's fourth-largest private company by revenue, said in an article.

    Industrialists are not known to criticize the government publicly and Liu is creating a record of sorts. He also complained against the government's latest crackdown against illegal activities since Xi Jinping took over as the Communist Party general secretary ahead of becoming the country's president.

    Liu said government regulators have stepped up pressure and this would make it difficult for many companies to survive. There are signs regulators are behaving like they did in the pre-reform era when it was difficult for companies to survive, he said.

    Law abiding businessmen are forced to deal with three kinds of adverse situations: pay bribes, live under fear of government crackdown and suffer uneven playing fields, the article published in Caixin magazine, said.

    "Selective enforcement is the biggest complaint of today's entrepreneurs and is a major source of unease. People often worry: will mentioning my opinion offend someone?" Liu said. "The government's allocation of resources is often driven by personal relationships giving corrupt businessmen an edge above the straight guys. Bribe taking by officials is rampant," Liu said.

    "Direct government interference in the market should be reduced as much as possible, and all companies in the market, whether state-owned or private, must be treated equally," he added.

    Chinese industrialist criticises government - The Times of India


    Opening up China to the world has opened up the Chinese mind to what is known as freedom of thought, speech and action.

    This leads to what the Chinese communists worry about 'stability and harmony'.

    Deng has opened up the Pandora's box with the carrot of the Chinese love for money over everything.

    Hard times are ahead for the Communist Party!

    Freedom is being experienced, even if a wee bit still controlled!

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