Chinese graduates getting interested in politics

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    Chinese graduates getting interested in politics: Survey

    BEIJING: More than half of university graduates in China are "interested in political affairs" and consider themselves capable of participating in it, according to a nationwide survey by the government-owned think tank Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.

    The survey's results contain surprises for many who feel Chinese youngsters are less interested in politics because of the heavy censorship and the one-party government that allows few dissenting voices. The CASS survey also reported that about two-thirds of university students and university graduates feel they "had the ability to participate in public decision making". A similar number felt they were "qualified to evaluate government actions".

    Researchers said 64% of university students and 70% of university graduates are "strongly favouring" private property over state-ownership of property. But only 50% of them said that the Communist idea of "sacrificing personal interests for state interests was outdated".

    The survey also painted a grim picture of the employment situation among graduates. Only 24% of 6.8 million Chinese students who graduated this year have found jobs. A nationwide survey has also revealed that 30% of existing students were confident of finding jobs soon after completing their education.

    CASS said only 1.6% of employed graduates have job satisfaction. Job hopping is the norm, and two-thirds of 2011 graduates said they have worked in more than one place since leaving college.

    Chinese graduates getting interested in politics: Survey - The Times of India


    It is a good sign that the Chinese students are getting interested in politics and how the country's political issues can be resolved by actively participating.

    However, it will take time to go beyond the age old philosophies since they are inbuilt in the manner how life is conducted.

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