Chinese children die in school wall collapse

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    Chinese children die in school wall collapse

    Two Chinese children were killed and four others injured when a wall at their school collapsed on top of them.

    Officials in Zhenxiong county, Yunnan province, said sacks of coal had been stacked against one side of the brick wall, pushing it over.

    Local government official Song Yufeng said the children were all around the age of 12.

    Correspondents say the safety of school buildings in China has been called into question in the past.

    Shoddy construction was blamed for the collapse of many schools during a major earthquake in 2008 that killed thousands.

    In the latest incident, the four injured children were in a stable condition at a hospital in Linkou, a report on the website said.

    The two victims, a boy and a girl, died on the way to hospital, the report said.

    BBC News - Chinese children die in school wall collapse


    Poor children.

    In China law and justice is very quick without all the rigmarole of a democracy.

    Therefore, the retribution will be fast and heavy.

    One wonders why the construction people are not afraid to make a quick buck with shoddy construction.

    It may so even be that the construction was not shoddy, but it is being said for some authorities to cover up their own mistakes!

    The Yunan province and Red River has associated faults.

    Yunan has also much seismic hazard.
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    so sad.poor children.

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