Chinese ambassador to Iceland arrested for espionage: report

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    Slightly dated news.

    Chinese ambassador to Iceland arrested for espionage: report
    September 17, 2014

    HONG KONG (Kyodo) -- Chinese Ambassador to Iceland Ma Jisheng and his wife Zhong Yue were arrested early this year by Chinese authorities for allegedly spying for Japan, Hong Kong media reported Wednesday.

    "According to a Chinese official, the Chinese ambassador and his wife were accused of spying for Japan, and were arrested by China's national security authorities in early 2014," the Chinese-language Ming Pao Daily reported, citing the U.S.-based Mingjingnews.

    Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei told reporters at a regular briefing in Beijing that he has no information on Ma or his whereabouts.
    Ma became ambassador to Iceland in December 2012, after having previously worked for many years at the Chinese Embassy in Japan.

    On the website of the Chinese Embassy in Reykjavik, Iceland's capital, the ambassador's name and photo are now missing from the welcome page, where archived Internet pages show they previously existed, as is his curriculum vitae.

    But the website still carries speeches delivered by Ma and news of his activities up until February 2014, including remarks in which he condemned Japan's past atrocities and Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's visit to the war-related Yasukuni Shrine.

    Iceland's English-language Reykjavik Grapevine magazine reported on its website earlier this month that Ma left Iceland on Jan. 23 this year and was expected to return in March.

    Urour Gunnarsdottir, a spokeswoman for Iceland's Foreign Ministry, told reporters that the Chinese Foreign Ministry informed her ministry in May that Ma would not be returning.

    "We have no other information than that," Gunnarsdottir said.

    Ma worked as secretary at the Chinese Embassy in Japan between 1991 and 1995, and as minister counselor between 2004 and 2008. He returned to China and became deputy director of information in the Foreign Ministry before being sent to Iceland, according to the report.
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    He should be get punished.
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    That was not the most shocking. The former ambassador to S. Korea was a mole for S. Korea. He worked in Pyongyang before. Consequently S. Korea got informed of late Kim's secret itinerary in China, and could probably read the mind of N. Koreans and Chinese in the 6-party talks.
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    Other news reports say Ma Jisheng was recalled to Beijing. I believe the man has been tried and his sentence meted out already

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