China's upcoming Type 096 Tang and Type 098 SSBNs

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    China's upcoming Type 096 Tang and Type 098 SSBNs

    The next few years will be very exciting. We will see whether China's Type 096 Tang SSBN has a smooth aerodynamic streamlined shape (or retain a hump). Also, we will find out whether the Type 096 Tang SSBN carries 12, 18, or 24 SLBMs. Finally, we will learn whether the SLBMs are JL-2 (navalized DF-31 ICBM), JL-2A (navalized DF-31A ICBM), or JL-3 (navalized DF-41 ICBM).

    By 2025, China will debut the Type 098 SSBN with 24 JL-3 10-MIRV SLBMs.

    "May 5, 2015 - At a recent meeting in Ordos, Inner Mongolia, Tan Zuojun, vice governor of Liaoning Province and former general manager of China State Shipbuilding Corporation, said that development of China's fourth-generation nuclear submarines and other high-tech weapons had been completed."


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