China's thermal imagers manufacturers overview

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    China suppliers of thermal imagers and systems based on them can be accurately counted at least a couple of dozen. We should also highlight the company Zhejiang Dal Technology, which itself produces thermal imaging matrix and responsibly stating it proudly displays thermal imaging module based on its matrix. In addition to Dali, China's thermal imagers make the company more Guide Infrared, ULIRvision, Kinghome. For example, the company's Guide infrared thermal imagers have been known for a long time and if we compare this level of thermal imagers with the level of 3-4 years ago, the progress is clearly visible in matobespecheniya, both in terms of manufacturing technology.Another Chinese company - ULIRvision company is constantly improving its products, and also provides the ability to update the firmware in their thermal modules users. A good feature! As the update for Windows - you can update your thermal imager and get enhanced image and other features.t the booth could see DALI thermal imaging modules and complete thermal imagers on the turntable and without for CCTV and security. Company representatives say that they have developed their own thermal imaging detector.Pretty interesting company Kinghome showed their developments: thermal imaging module, imager for surveillance, automotive thermal imagers and flashlight! Thermal lantern I saw the first time. This fresh conceptual solution in the class of manual observation imagers.

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