China's stepped up moves in Maldives worry India

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    Alarm bells are ringing afresh in the Indian security establishment over renewed efforts by China to expand its footprint in Maldives.
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    Maldives will never harm India's security interests: President, IBN Live News

    From Sagar Kulkarni Perth, Oct 28 (PTI) President Mohammed Nasheed today dismissed fears that India's security could be threatened with growing Chinese influence in Maldives, saying his country would never do anything that threatens New Delhi's interests. "I can assure all Indians that Maldives will always be India's friend and we believe that we cannot find a better friend than India," he told reporters on the sidelines of the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) here in the Western Australian city. Maldives would never do anything that threatens India's security, he said in response to a question on China's growing presence in the Indian Ocean and efforts to expand its influence in the Maldives. "India has always assisted us in times of stress and even in the future India will assist us in times of stress," he said. There has been some concern in the Indian security establishment over Chinese attempt to extend its influence in the archipelago that is strategically located along major sea lanes of the Indian Ocean. Gearing up to host the SAARC summit next month, Nasheed said he looked forward for a successful summit given that India and Pakistan were more amicable towards each other. "I hope we will be able to have a very successful SAARC. I am already seeing that India and Pakistan are more amicable," he said replying to a question on the success of the SAARC summit given the blow-hot-blow-cold ties between India and Pakistan.

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