China's plans rail link to Nepal thru Mt Everest could concern India

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    It will be a great engineering feat if China manages to tunnel below Mt Everest.

    It will open up tourism to Tibet but in so far as trade is concerned, it will be a win win for China and nothing really for Nepal since it goes nowhere as far as Nepal is concerned.

    The link will also allow quick military movement for China into Nepal, if it becomes necessary.

    Western tourists wanting to visit Tibet and Xinjiang will find this a less expensive trip and would flood these two areas, if China permits them to do so. It will also open up espionage activity of western intelligence agencies since they will pose as tourists on a cash low, back pack brigade.

    For India, the access to Nepal becoming easy, will surely be of concern since the Indo Nepal border is porous.

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    Re: China's plans rail link toNepal thro' Mt Everest could concern Ind

    Can't limit this sort of thing, the whole world will be connected soon. Not so much an issue of spies, as China could do this anyways. Easy to bomb a few tracks if military movement is a concern, it becomes one hell of a choke point. Probably over hyped worry here.
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    Re: China's plans rail link toNepal thro' Mt Everest could concern Ind

    with china economy said to be encountering some slow down in future years
    these projects will keep the people busy and employed

    fortunately these projects are happening while india is on the rise and not when china
    had nuke energy and india was undeveloped eg in the 70's when Mao had wanted to
    blast the himalayas off with nukes to allow the moist air to reach china and reduce their
    desertification problems .....sounded crazy but looks like now they are
    taking those first steps .

    india has got to ask Nepal why we are looking after your . defense and then you go
    inviting china to this that and the other .....

    perhaps we should reduce helping them in defence and merely have our own forces
    at strategic points nearby ....use nepal as a radiation buffer ...if china enters, radiate nepal as
    a defense strategy .....same goes for Bhutan if they get the same smarty-pants ideas

    in fact long term high level radiation should be considered as a defence strategy throughout our
    border areas with china

    india cannot afford to and should not delay in developing thermonukes and high yield
    radiation weapons - absolutely vital to our ability to bargain in pre-war defence negotiations

    the difference between china and india here is that they put their people to high-level
    imoressive projects while we allow ours to sit idly by

    we need a leader who can emulate china's daring - it might not be modi -

    like the jews we may have longer to wait for that leader .
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    Re: China's plans rail link to Nepal thru Mt Everest could concern Ind

    I would let China build road and rail links. There is no point criticizing such connectivity projects. In fact past Indian governments have made a mistake by not connecting major Nepalese cities by rail.

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