China's new sub-launched CM-708UNB ASCM (180 mile range) | IHS Jane's

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    The Diplomat reports the new Chinese sub-launched CM-708UNB ASCM (ie. anti-ship cruise missile) can be fired beyond the range of most anti-submarine warfare systems.

    The original source of information is IHS Jane's. Please note IHS Jane's made a typographical error in reporting on the CM-708UNB. The correct flight speed is 0.8 to 0.9 Mach. IHS Jane's had put the decimal in the wrong place in its article.

    "[The CM-708UNB ASCM] is armed with a 155 kg warhead and in its terminal phase flies 5-7 m above the water."


    China Unveils New Submarine-Launched Anti-Ship Cruise Missile | The Diplomat



    DSA 2016: China details new sub-launched ASCM and old LCU | IHS Jane's 360


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