China's Jan-Jun 2016 trade surplus is $266 billion | Trading Economics

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    China's half-year trade surplus for 2016 is $266 billion (see chart from Trading Economics below).

    China traditionally has a larger trade surplus during the latter half of the year due to holiday orders for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

    China's full-year merchandise trade surplus for 2016 should be about the same as last year's $594.5 billion trade surplus (see Bloomberg citation below).

    China's annual trade surplus of about $600 billion is a world record. This allows China to modernize and industrialize at an incredible pace. I think China will become a very different country in 10 years after the accumulated trade surpluses have been used to transform the country.

    China Trade Surplus Swells as Exports Rise in Boost for Yuan | Bloomberg
    "China’s trade surplus widened and exports recovered last month, offering support to a weakening currency that has roiled global markets this year.
    The nation’s trade balance widened to $60 billion, taking the full-year tally to $594.5 billion...."


    China Balance of Trade 1983-2016 | Trading Economics

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