China's Changjiang 1 & 2 displace 300 million tonnes of coal | World Nuclear News

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    It is only a matter of time before China drastically minimizes its coal consumption. Thus, China's air will clear up eventually when all of the nuclear reactors are completed.

    "Nuclear power in China. As of March 2016, the People's Republic of China has 33 nuclear reactors operating with a capacity of 28.8 GW and 22 under construction with a capacity of 22.1 GW. Additional reactors are planned, providing 58 GW of capacity by 2020."


    Changjiang 2 starts supplying power to grid | World Nuclear News

    "CNNC has said that the first two Changjiang units will together provide almost one-third of the electricity needs of Hainan. By using nuclear power instead of coal-fired generation, the units will avoid the burning of some 300 million tonnes of coal and the resulting emission of about 7.5 million tonnes of carbon dioxide and 5.8 tonnes of sulfur dioxide, it claims."


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