China’s less corrupt than India is comparing apples and oranges

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    China is still the Forbidden Country since nothing factual emerges from China. All that emerges is the doctored, scrubbed clean information from the CPC or its mouthpieces calling themselves as newspapers.

    All this Jumping's 'Tiger and Flies' anti corruption campaign could well be a cunning way to eliminate his challengers or those who could be a threat. And manufacturing crimes to hang them or incarcerate them is no big deal in China since all kowtow to the Chairman Xi lest they too meet such a sad state with trumped up 'crimes'.

    There is no doubt that in an opaque governance, society and system, there will great opportunities to take the system for a ride and feather one's nest since none else will be wiser, provided one plays ball with the CCP honchos. And if they are crooks who are the honchos, then who can touch them.

    That China is corrupt is well known, but it is only those cases that the CCP wants to highlight for political purpose are the ones announced.

    While India is a rambunctious country with governance, society, system and the media being the same in equal measure and therefore, actual and imagined corruption is always known, debated and action taken. An open society and a free country can hardly hide anything under the cloak that totalitarian regimes, like China, can do with impunity.

    Therefore, the comparison is like chalk and cheese and corruption is in both country, but China takes the cake.
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    Chinese obsession with stats.

    Chinese think they are ahead of many countries and some assume some kind of superior status when compared to countries in Asia.

    Fact is one party system is corrupt to the core. CCP is not answerable to the people and there is no opposition.
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