China’s fishing trawler offensive

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    By P. Chacko Joseph | September 26th, 2010

    Chinese fishing trawlers are now fishing for trouble. In march 23, 2009, USS Impeccable was harassed by five Chinese fishing trawlers when it was conducting routine survey operations in international waters 75 miles south of Hainan Island. US Navy video on youtube shows that the Chinese fishing trawlers were passing close astern of the Impeccable. USN feels that they were trying to snag or cut the cable to its towed sonar array.

    With Japanese coast guard, Chinese fishing vessel was even more bolder. A single trawler managed to collide with two Japanese Coast Guard patrol vessels near the disputed Senkaku Islands in the East China Sea in early September.
    On March, 2009, Chinese claimed that their deployment of a vessel in the disputed Spratly Islands was a “fishery patrol ship, not a warship.” During February 2010, Vietnamese Coastal Border Guard complained that a Vietnam fishing boat with a 16-man crew was stopped by a Chinese patrol near the Paracel Islands in the South China Sea.

    In April, 2010, China’s fishery administration stated that it has begun regular patrols of the South China Sea. They sent two patrol boats, to take over from the two vessels which were escorting Chinese fishing boats in the area. The Chinese patrols had begun in the sea area of Nansha Islands (Chinese name for Spratly Islands) since April 1. The Chinese fisheries head claimed that China wanted to enforce its fishing rights in the waters around Nansha Islands.

    Chinese mouth piece “Global Times” on September 8 claimed ” China did not encourage or instigate its people to cruise into the Diaoyu waters.” With increasing Chinese maritime and fishing vessels plying in internationally, only time will tell if China is or not playing the the fishing trawler offensive game. Meanwhile, India should suitably increase its guard in Andaman and Nicobar islands. Even though its not disputed, Chinese fishing vessels now have a reputation of being state pawns.

    Meanwhile world must re look at the the policy of repatriating captured boats and crew to their country of origin. In the light of the Chinese captain ramming the Japanese military ships and getting away has taken away the element of deterrence. Maybe, world can formulate a sub clause for such behavior exhibited by the errant Chinese fishing trawler.
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    chinese escalates disputes if not they create new one.only way to deal with china or pakistan is to reply them by same coin.If the lesson is taught in their own language then they will grasp it easily and fast.

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