China working on intervention in North Korea?

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    North Korea, rightly considered the most closed country in the world, might have had riots. According to South Korean sources, the army had to be used to pacify the people in the city of Sinuiju bordering with China.

    No official information about the events in North Korea have been reported, therefore the South Korean newspaper Chosun Ilbo referred to its own source in North Korea. According to the source, the riots took place last Friday. They were provoked by a police raid at a local market and the beating of a merchant by the guards. The relatives of the victim stepped in to help him, but it resulted in a larger conflict.
    Other people started joining the family of the beaten merchant. Their number has gradually increased to several hundred people. Among other things residents of Sinuiju complained that authorities have not provided them with increased food rations for February 16, when the country was celebrating 69th birthday of the "beloved leader" Kim Jong Il.
    There is another theory of the events. Perhaps the riot was purely criminal in nature. Sinuiju market is one of the busiest in North Korea, and many local residents are involved in trade with China. Some are engaged in smuggling and illegal currency transactions. It is not ruled out that the government wanted to show the "new bourgeois" their place.

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