China using Pak to slow India's growth: Former US envoy

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    China using Pak to slow India's growth: Former US envoy

    WASHINGTON: Relations between India and China has deteriorated in last 18 months and is unlikely to get better, a former US Ambassador to India has said and he shared the perception of many Indian strategic thinkers that Bejing is using Pakistan to slow India's rise.

    "I think it's fair to say now that China-India relations are not very good and in fact have been deteriorating for about last 18 months," Robert Blackwill, former US Ambassador to India said in a conference call with reporters in a briefing on Obama's India visit.

    "The Indians have a long list of Chinese transgressions, which in my judgment are accurate, having to do with Chinese policy on Kashmir and on the border dispute between the two countries and the so-called 'ring of pearls' of Chinese quasi-military installations in Bangladesh and in Sri Lanka and in Pakistan and so forth," he said.

    Blackwill is currently the Henry Kissinger Senior Fellow for US foreign policy at the Council on Foreign Relations - a prestigious US-based think tank.

    "So the relations aren't very good between the two. The Prime Minister keeps saying, and I think deeply believes, that there's no reason why India and China could not have a good long-term relationship. But it isn't clear that same degree of enthusiasm for that end state is felt in Beijing," he said.

    Many Indian strategists think that think there's some evidence that China's preoccupation with Pakistan and its long-time close links is closely connected to the Chinese realisation that if India is preoccupied, if not pinned down by cross-border terrorism from Pakistan and problems in the India-Pakistan relation, that it will slow the rise of India as a great power.

    "In other words, China using Pakistan to slow India's rise," Blackwill said.

    "So China-India relations are not good, and I myself don't think they're going to get very much better on the geopolitical and security side. Now on the economic side, they're thriving, and of course, that's good for both countries," he said.

    "The Indians have no interest in thoughts of containing China, a concept that one sees in the American media from time to time. No way faster to clear a Delhi drawing room than to begin to talk about containing China.

    "But what India would like is an agreement with the US that over the long term, the US and India will keep in close touch, both to the issue of Chinese behaviour and trying to decipher it, and second, close touch on trying to shape Chinese external behaviour in a positive way," Blackwill said.

    What a great invention after 25 years??? :angry_1:These people just now came here and when they will reach the conclusion??? :emot154::emot154:
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    Land of the GODS - "Dev Bhomi".
    india needs to find local solutions to local problems, and for that we need to put our house in order and not keep pointing fingers at pakistan and china, who will make use of our weaknesses from time to time. it is we who provide them with all the loopholes to make use of and when those are exploited, we complain! there are insurgencies in india and those need to be fixed, there are grievances which need to be addressed and if we are incompetent in doing it then we should have no business complaining too much about the fall outs and lest the pakistanis and chinese.

    1948, kashmir - pakistanis infiltrated, we were reactionary. 1965, kashmir - pakistanis yet again infiltrated - we were reactionary. 1990s, kashmir - pakistanis have been continuously infiltrating and we are reactionary. 1999, kargil - pakistan infiltrated, we were reactionary. 2001/02, delhi, parliament house - pak backed terrorists attack the very symbol of democracy and we were busy dozing off, 2008, mumbai - pakistanis infiltrated and we were still reactionary. why were we caught napping all the time? was it not our duty to safeguard the country? will we never learn our lessons? can we blame the pakistanis for doing all this or should we be questioning everyone who is in-charge of the indian security? since these attacks how many people have been made examples for their wrong doing?

    RAW/NTRO are in disarray, should we fault the chinese and the pakistanis?

    maoists once raised their head but were culled, but yet again they were allowed to raise their heads and this time with a lot more vengeance, should we fault the chinese and the pakistanis?

    we need to stop complaining and get our act together. that said, there must have been some good which must have gone in that no big terror strike has taken place in india post 26/11, which just goes on to show, no matter what our adversaries plan against us, if we have our guard intact and are alert we can make sure no terror strikes happen or the threat can be minimised significantly.

    china's dream come true will be the day we go to a war with pakistan, and the west would want us to go on a war with china so that we do their dirty work, should we be obliging any of these? it is our responsibility to make sure we dont and for that we need to keep our emotions in control. for pakistan keep internal security as tight as possible so that no terror attack happens, finish off all the insurgencies and make sure pakistan is a hot bed for terror attacks so that the paks remains preoccupied there. for the west, let them and help them in getting more and more paranoid about china, all we need to do is extract as much in bargain as we can and never go to a war with china. just rhetoric and nothing else.
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    China built the great wall to keep the steppe people away from the middle kingdom,that didn't prevent mongols from riding into the heart of China.China's Pakistan strategy Visa Viv India will also prove to be an cause in vain.China political strategies were never short of effort but rather were found wanting due to lack of imagination.

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