China to hold naval drill in international water

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    The Chinese Navy will hold a training drill in the international waters of western Pacific Ocean later this month, the Defence Ministry has said.

    A navy fleet of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) will conduct the exercise in mid- to late June, the Chinese Defence Ministry in a statement as quoted by the official Xinuha news agency.

    The MoD said that the training would be in line with relevant international laws and not targeted at any specific country.

    The statement came a day after Japan had expressed concern about the Chinese warships passing close to its southern islands.

    The Japanese Defence Ministry had announced last Wednesday that eight Chinese navy ships, including guided missile destroyers, were spotted on the high seas near its Okinawa prefecture.

    “This will be a regular drill according to the annual plan (of the PLA),” the Chinese MoD release said.

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