China tightens grip on Inner Mongolia.- A pre-planned Mission.

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    Inner Mongolia takes about one tenth of entire Commie China (CC)land. However, since CC's birthday in 1945 till today, Hans swamped the land successfully making Mongols a mere minority of 20% only in population in the region. It is rugged prairie land but Hans’s ferocious appetite is its coal.

    Coal truck drivers did not respect CC's local road routes that extend to longer driving distances (this happens all the time). Rather, they preferred to cut short right through Mongol's prairie, which to Mongols, it is their major part of livelihood and culture.
    Some locals finally confronted these convoys by protesting on the road but this truck with two Han drivers on went over them killing a Mongol herd named "Mergen", who died on spot.

    Those two Hans were later supposedly apprehended and under Han police custody.
    They claimed that "No harmed done cuz we had insurance that can pay the worth of the Mongol for 400,000 Yuan ($66,000) at best!".
    That supposedly triggered first protest by Mongol students.

    Some news media even suspect that Commie Chinese handed down a martial law in the region;
    China's Inner Mongolia under 'martial law' after protests - The China Post
    Report: Some areas in China under martial law after protests -

    But then again, local CC official said "Nothing Happened, Everything is normal"

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