China: Supporters Fight Execution of Domestic Violence Survivor

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    Supporters Fight Execution of Domestic Violence Survivor

    The case against Li Yan, a woman who is on death row for killing her abusive husband, has sparked an outcry over her treatment and that of other domestic violence survivors in China. The Guardian has the background of her case:

    According to the South China Morning Post, more than 400 lawyers and women’s rights activists have called for a re-examination of the case against Li Yan in a petition sent to the Supreme People’s Court and Supreme People’s Procuratorate:

    Human rights researcher Joshua Rosenzweig translated an article by lawyer Zhang Peihong in which he argued that there are sufficient legal grounds to reconsider Li’s punishment.

    Li’s case has raised concerns about the criminal treatment of abused women who injure or kill their spouses in self-defense. The New York Times reports on the extent of the problem:

    Women’s rights advocates have long fought for a domestic violence law to protect abused women. With a draft law now in the works, 12,000 people have signed a petition to the National People’s Congress which calls for transparency in the drafting process. From the New York Times blog:

    Domestic violence was thrust into the national spotlight last year when the American wife of celebrity English teacher Li Yang posted gruesome photos on weibo of her injuries from his abuse.

    Supporters Fight Execution of Domestic Violence Survivor - China Digital Times (CDT)


    “She had no excuse to kill her husband, but she’s nothing like a cold-blooded killer who planned the killing,” Teng said.[/B][/QUOTE]

    How far is this (Mr Teng) justified?

    How come the tranquil and well organised Chinese society becoming violent and unmanageable like modern societies?

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