China succumbs to India, stops road construction work

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    Finally China has stopped construction work on a road in the Chumar area, 250-km from south-east of Leh. It was one of the conditions put forth by India before the two sides decided to pull out troops from Actual-Line-of- Control (ALC).

    Not only this, India also refused to dismantle a hut constructed by the army in the Chumar area. China has been insisting that since the hut has been constructed in the disputed territory it should be damaged.

    "It's probably for the first time that China had succumbed to the Indian pressure. Till now it had not only been gradually intruding into our territory but even imposing its diktats also," said a senior government official posted in Leh, wishing not to be named.

    Chumar became the flash point this month after both sides pushed in about 1,000 troops each along the perceived border after India objected to construction work by China in the first week this month.

    China had brought in heavy machinery to construct about 5-km road from Chepzi(in its territory) to Chumar, where India has strong domination.

    After India's strong opposition, China halted construction work but pushed in more troops, which was countered by equal measures by the Indian side.

    China has been insisting that like Chumar many areas along the ALC are disputed as both sides have divergent perception of the borders.

    "India has decided to act tough against repeated Chinese aggressions, also termed as transgression, and this move was the first reflection of the changed strategy," said the official.

    Sources said both sides have almost completely withdrawn their troops after a series of flag meetings. The borders in ALC are guarded by Indo Tibetan Border Police (ITBP), which is under the control of home ministry.

    Locals say China had already taken over large area in Chumar area which is included in Indian revenue records.

    Meanwhile, India had decided to stop repair work of irrigation work in Demchok area, which is about 90-km from Chumar.

    China had been consistently objecting to its construction from the very beginning and had pushed its civilian to stop the work.

    Indian civilian also moved close to the canal and started camping there. China pushed in troops at Chumar some days later as counter move.

    The construction work of canal started in 2010 and was stopped in July 2012 after objection. The PLA soldiers had then entered inside the Indian Territory and threatened the workers. On tough stand by India the work was later resumed.

    China succumbs to India, stops road construction work - Hindustan Times
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    Is it China backing down or searching for another oppourtunity?

    This backing down has the finger prints what Indian Prime Minister told the Chinese President during his recent visit. The latter felt embarassed that this little incident which may or may not had his approval came so close to messing up his visit. That remark by NaMo that a little tooth ache paralyses the whole body had its impact. Immediately after that a flag meeting was called. It would appear that Chinese President after his return called for an explanation and found no satisfactory answer from his commander. They at the next flag meeting agreed for withdrawal.

    It is working, there is a new Sheriff in town and he does not tolerate nonesense.
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    The Heading is misleading...

    It should be "China Agrees to stop Raod Construction " etc.....

    What is succumbing !!
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