China shuts eateries over monkey meat

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    China shuts eateries over monkey meat

    BEIJING: At lease two restaurants have been closed down in China's Jiangxi province because they were found serving infant monkeys and other wildlife as cooked meals. The authorities have arrested two men and sacked four forestry officials, official sources said.

    The police swung into action after the state-controlled China Central TV carried a report exposing the racket that included trapping wild animals for food. The sacked officials included Wu Kaifa, director of the Zixi Forestry Bureau, and three others.

    Police has found 13 shotguns and 1,300 iron clamps for trapping animals in the mountainous area of Zixi county. They also found frozen wild boars, barking deer, bamboo rats and snakes.

    The restaurants sold monkey meat for $ 51.39 per dish, while monkey brains were sold for $64.23 a plate, Xinhua news agency reported.

    China shuts eateries over monkey meat - The Times of India


    What is wrong if the Chinese find monkey meat a delicacy fit for the Kings?

    There is nothing to be ashamed of.

    More than monkeys they should stop the illegal imports of tiger parts which is really endangered!

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