China releases first Indian national conditions Blue Book

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    first report about the state of the nation of India report about the state of the nation of India (2011-2012) “was released in Beijing on the 10th, the report said India’s economic development has great potential and broad development prospects, the strength of the future should not be underestimated, but to release the potential to yet to clear the obstacles.

    India Blue Book “by Yunnan University and the Social Sciences Documentation Publishing House jointly issued a blue paper pointed out that since the 1991 implementation of a comprehensive economic reforms, India’s economic development has made remarkable achievements, economic growth accelerated, Comprehensive the economic strength improved, won the title of “the rise of India” Incredible India “world office”, but in its the aura of growth masks the many contradictions facing the problems of poverty, uneven development, irrational industrial structure, the high fiscal deficit of many problems, economic reform is facing many challenges, the future economic development road will not be smooth.

    Blue Book, 2011 – 2012 degrees, India suffered the nearly nine the most serious growth predicament. Macroeconomic instability, economic growth slowed down, as the quarterly GDP growth rate continued to decline, the degree of growth of only 6.9%, the central government’s fiscal targets difficult to achieve. Decline in the rate of economic growth, inflation continued to climb, the continuous depreciation of the rupee, high foreign trade deficit. Harvest and increase production of food crops is bleak economic situation of India this degree in a touch of light.

    Blue Book “and more difficult to make the country prosperous” This old saying summarized the rise of India experienced twists and turns and hope for that of 2011-2012 degrees, India into a political, economic hardship, difficult stumble forward. At the same time, India is still one of the fastest growing economies in the world’s emerging economies.

    China releases first Indian national conditions Blue Book | Stock Market Today BLOG
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    It is funny to know this, China presents dubious GDP data and other stats is releasing a book on Indian economy :shocked:

    The manipulation of GDP in GDP starts from Commissar level to province levels.
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    Nice to know that Indian economy can take all the shite, survive the corruptions, the global recession and still continue to grow. That is impressive..A few corrections can shoot it high.

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