China probes former state-supported bishop

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    All religions in China is controlled by the State so that there is no anti Communist thoughts permeated to the public as also helps to keep a 'Big Brother is Watching' surveillance on the people.

    It also prevent foreign religious bodies like the Vatican or the Saudi religious organisation from influencing the adherents of the religion(s).

    However, it appears that people are feeling enough is enough. Hence the rebellion of the loyal servant of God and the Chinese Communist Govt. He has finally discovered God beyond what the Chinese Communist told him about!

    With this rebellion, it will put the Chinese Communists in direct confrontation with the Vatican. And China can go fish!

    But true to Chinese way of arresting people, the jolly Bishop who has found God for a change beyond the Chinese description of what is God, has been placed under 'house arrest' by being confined to the four walls of the seminary.

    China, which appointed him and not having gauged that he will rebel immediately is now in a bind.

    They will lose face, since this Bishop has proved how foolish the Communists are in that they can't even select people of their choice!

    It sadly is a tight slap on the face of the Communist Chinese Govt wherein it shows that the Vatican has more control over the minds of the Roman Catholics than all the brain washing and economic goodies that are thrown to them by the Chinese Communist Govt.

    It is also very dangerous for the Chinese Communists. in that they are losing the grip over their people.

    Signs of rebellion and discarding of the false idol - Communism and CPC propaganda - is creeping in!
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