China pressures India to release its nationals

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    BAHRAICH: China has started mounting pressure on India to remove charges of spying on three Chineese intruders Lui Yang, Chen Rang and Li Jui Dang, who were apprehended on January 17th at Rupaidiha check-post on Indo-Nepal border.

    Chinese foreign ministry is issuing statements regularly for protection of its nationals, and now Chinese ambassador Xang Yang has taken over the issue.

    Intelligence agencies deployed on Indo-Nepal border said that Yang had a long meeting with foreign secretary Nirupama Roy in this connection.

    Yang expressed doubt about the impartial investigation into the matter as well as the role of Indian police.

    It is learnt that the foreign ministry has told Chinese foreign department that the law of the country is working impartially and with full transparency. The ministry has also contacted foreign ministry in Nepal in a bid to get complete details about the Chineese intruders.

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