CHINA::- Our kitchens must be freed from gutter oil

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    Our kitchens must be freed from gutter oil
    Our kitchens must be
    freed from gutter oil


    BEIJING, Sept. 14 (Xinhuanet) – In a nationwide
    crackdown by the Ministry of Public Security, 32
    suspects were arrested for making and selling
    illegal cooking oil.
    This gutter oil, made from restaurant leftovers
    and collected from sewers, is widely present
    across the market. Some estimates put the
    annual figure of such oil at 2.25 mln tons. To put
    it another way, there is a chance you will eat
    gutter oil once in every 10 times you eat out in
    China. Among the food safety scandals plaguing
    China, illegal cooking oil probably affects the
    largest number of consumers.
    The massive illegal cooking oil ring, reportedly
    expanding across 14 provinces, suggests the
    huge demand and profitability of the business.
    Stricter supervision and harsher penalties are
    necessary to deter would-be violators but are the
    measures enough to block all the loopholes?
    To begin with Chinese dishes consume more
    cooking oil than other cuisines, especially fried
    and stir-fried dishes. Fish fillets in hot chili oil, an
    extremely popular Sichuan dish, use a whole
    basin of cooking oil per serving. Deep-fried
    dough sticks, a favorite breakfast choice across
    China, is made in a huge wok full of repeatedly
    used cooking oil.
    Meanwhile, Chinese food is also known for its
    cheapness and eating out is an affordable option
    for most people. Many Chinese consumers are
    price-sensitive, resulting in a plethora of cheap
    restaurants. The dual demand for taste and price
    have helped create huge room for illegal cooking
    Unless there is a revolutionary change to the
    Chinese cooking style, it will be a lasting challenge
    to the supervisory departments to eradicate illegal
    cooking oil.
    While stronger supervision is crucial to reducing
    the use of gutter oil, effective supervision requires
    manpower and administrative costs. With that in
    mind, reducing the profit margin of the gutter oil
    industry may be another solution.
    Gutter oil should be destined for industrial use,
    not restaurants. But businessmen will make a
    rational choice between the cost of violating the
    law and the potential for profit. Business ethics
    will not be automatically applied to them, at least
    not at this early stage of development.
    In this sense, adjusting the price of recycled oil
    for industrial use can reduce the allure of trading
    gutter oil to restaurants, if not wipe the trade out
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    they should 1st check out if someone big in gov has been covering up those criminals.....then restaurants.

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