China offers aid to stranded Indian traders

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    North Frontier, The Mighty Himalaya's
    TNN Apr 14, 2012, 01.03AM IST

    NEW DELHI: Yang Jiechi, Chinese foreign minister, has promised to help the two Indian traders stranded in Yiwu as they fight a case with the Chinese suppliers. During a bilateral meeting with foreign minister S M Krishna in Moscow, on the sidelines of the Russia-India-China trilateral, Krishna asked Yang to intervene because the two traders are running out of money, the case is dragging on and the duo has had to resort to spending nights on the streets.

    Sources quoted Yang as saying the issue was with the Chinese judicial authorities, but that the government had conveyed to them the concerns of the Indian government. He said the Chinese foreign ministry "would play a positive role" to help resolve the issue, Yang told Krishna.

    Krishna met Chinese Yang in Moscow on the sidelines of the trilateral meeting of foreign ministers of India, Russia and China. It was the third meeting of foreign ministers this year. It signifies the intensive high-level interaction that characterizes India-China ties and the importance that both sides place on the relationship.

    The hour-long meeting focused on several bilateral and multilateral issues. Official sources said, the ministers stressed the importance of an early meeting of an India-China Maritime Dialogue, which was decided during the last round of special representative talks in New Delhi.

    India and China have also decided to start dialogues on Central Asia, West Asia and Africa. The ministers said it would be finalized soon. They also agreed to resume the India-China dialogue on Disarmament and Non Proliferation. This decision is interesting in the light of the North Korean test on Friday and Pakistan's continued building of its nuclear arsenal.

    In a follow-up of Hu Jintao's discussions in New Delhi last month, Yang told Krishna that Beijing would encourage their companies to invest infrastructure projects in India.

    Late last month, the traders, Shyamsundar Agarwal and Deepak Raheja, who are in the centre of the dispute in Yiwu, were evicted from the hotel they were staying in because they had run out of money. After they were `kidnapped' by Chinese suppliers in Yiwu last December for over two weeks, the traders had been supported by the Indian Consulate in Shanghai. They duo has asked the MEA to support them while they are stuck in China.

    Their plight came to light only when an Indian diplomat, who had gone to secure their release, fainted after being disallowed from leaving by Chinese negotiators.

    China offers aid to stranded Indian traders - Times Of India

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    This is the price of cheap products being paid by Indian businessmen. It is opportunity for Indian Chamber of Commerce to publicise and shame the business practise of Chinese exporters. Give them all the negative publicity that can be done to hit them where it hurts most.

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