China Moves to Rein In Messaging for Mobile

Discussion in 'China' started by Ray, Aug 8, 2014.

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    China is afraid of its own people!

    All this big talk and propaganda that the Chinese never cease tomtoming to the world that China is no longer is a Communist country, is bogus and total humbug.

    The sole aspect that China has discarded of Communism is State run industry and capital market. But then that is because of the love of the Chinese to make money and nothing more. Plus, it has allowed those in power to get rich exponentially using their political clout. The never ending exposures and arrests in high places, once these high official demit office, for corruption is indicative of the same.

    Communism flourishes in China and the mind control exercise that allows the draconian 'Brig Brother is Watching' style of communist control is getting exposed daily in various forms.

    The Communist Party of China has done well to block all forms of independent news gathering on events in China with this latest clampdown.

    None but the Communist know best for China!
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