China morning round-up: A US-China stand-off

Discussion in 'China' started by Ray, Jul 14, 2012.

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    One wonders why the US has to 'respect' the Chinese interests and concern as is being dictated by Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi .

    Is it also not necessary that China respects the US interest and concerns too?

    Can't be a one way street.

    China refuses to resolve disputes without coercion, without intimidation, without threats and without use of force.

    So, why should anyone who is sane feel that the world revolves around the desires of China alone?

    It is totally daft of the Chinese Foreign Minister to expect that it is a one way street.

    And likewise the Chinese are equally daft wherein the China Daily editorial has the gumption to describe Ms Clinton's remarks on peaceful solutions to disputes as "inappropriate and ill-intentioned".

    It is equally stupid of People's Daily commentary that describes Tokyo's recent actions regarding the Senkaku dispute as acts of cowardice.

    How is an act of cowardice? In fact China is being a coward by not being able to put their money where their mouth is. If Senkaku Islands is Chinese, go and get it.

    China can't because they are well aware that the US and others will give China a hiding of its life!

    China sees the controversial Yasukuni Shrine in Tokyo, a memorial to Japan's war dead, as glorifying war criminals.

    How war criminals? It is for the Japanese to decide what is valour and courage as per their philosophy. Would China accept if people said that Mao Tse Dong was a mass butcher and a criminal who wiped out a generation for his own purpose of staying on in power?

    One would feel that China is a selfish nation that is only concerned that everyone must abide by Chinese desire, though and imperialistic and hegemonic actions!
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