China media: Abe criticised

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    China media: Abe criticised

    18 October 2013

    Media say Japan fails to understand China's feelings on Yasukuni

    Papers criticise Japanese PM Shinzo Abe for sending a ritual offering to the controversial Yasukuni shrine in Tokyo.

    Mr Abe made an offering to mark the Yasukuni Shrine's autumn festival on Thursday. The shrine honours Japanese war dead, including 14 convicted Class-A war criminals from World War II.

    Japan's neighbours consider the shrine a symbol of Tokyo's past military aggression.

    Reports say repeated visits to the shrine by Japanese cabinet ministers and lawmakers are a major obstacle to bilateral ties.

    A People's Daily commentary rebukes Mr Abe's offering, while Hong Kong newspaper Ta Kung Pao refers to the Japanese right-wing forces as "demons" being "abnormally excited about worshipping ghosts".

    Whatever the form, paying homage there "seriously hurts the feelings of the people of Asian countries, and is an open challenge to existing international order," the People's Daily adds.

    The Ta Kung Pao says "as long as Mr Abe does not express deep remorse over Japan's long history of aggression, relations with neighbouring countries could never improve".

    Yang Dongliang, an expert on Japanese studies and head of the College of History at Nankai University in Tianjin, told The China Daily that the shrine visits were made with "deliberate ignorance of China's reactions".

    "The move [of paying homage] partly stems from a prevailing mentality within Japan that Japan was defeated by the United States and not China," Mr Yang said.

    BBC News - China media: Abe criticised


    Japan is a very conservative society that take their tradition seriously.

    The visit to the Yasukuni Shrine is steeped in Japanese tradition and history.

    It is rather interesting of China to feel "seriously hurts the feelings of the people of Asian countries, and is an open challenge to existing international order".

    One is yet to hear from the 'people of Asian countries,' on this issue. Hence, it is extraordinary for China to act as their official spokesman. One wonders who gave them that brief!

    Further, how does it become "an open challenge to existing international order"?

    In fact that aggression by China in the South China Sea and intrusion into Indian territory is actually what is an 'an open challenge to existing international order' and not burning of some incense sticks within a shrine!

    China can go to any length to pretend umbrage so as to get sympathy,. when in actuality they are the real aggressors who are upsetting the international order.
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