China lecturing Malaysia about MH-370 openness

Discussion in 'West Asia & Africa' started by mattster, Mar 26, 2014.

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    A tragedy it certainly is......and the pain is real for the families.

    But isn't it ironic for Chinese newspapers to lecture Malaysians about openness and coming clean on MH-370

    Isn't this the same country where a couple of years ago when their prestigious High-Speed rail crashed, and derailed killing scores of Chinese citizens - the first thing the Chinese authorities did was to send heavy earth moving escavators to dig a huge hole in the ground, and bury the HS rail-cars that were on the ground.

    These guys dug a huge hole in the ground, and tried the bury the derailed train as soon as they could so that their prestige would not be affected by pictures, and when the Chinese blogosphere found out about it and people on the internet went crazy furious - then they backed off a dug up the trains.

    So why do the Chinese who don't respect even the most basic fundamental norms of "freedom of information", suddenly think they are qualified to lecture Malaysia ??

    This is a country that bans foreign newspapers, websites, monitors its own people, refuses to allow people to freely practice their own religion.......etc, etc.....the list is too long.
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    Fact is Chinese follow double standards when it comes to dealing with other nations.

    These guys just cannot digest the fact that even though they deployed 10 satellites and huge naval assets, they cannot even find the trace of the plane.
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