CHINA IS THE WORLD’S #1 TRADE PARTNER (for 124 countries)

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    Three interesting facts from the citation below.

    a. China is the largest trading partner for 124 countries (see map below).

    b. "The Chinese transcontinental network, a massive infrastructure project pegged for completion by 2025, is expected to bring down overland travel time from Beijing to London to just two days. Currently, it takes 15 days for the journey."

    c. "While this shows China’s push for infrastructure especially to coincide with its new Silk Road, there is another very interesting detail: Beijing controls 26.06% of the votes, essentially giving it veto power as most [AIIB] bank decisions need 75% of the votes to pass.

    In other words, only infrastructure projects that benefit Chinese trade will likely get the nod from Beijing."

    Just How Dominate is China in Global Trade? |


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