China is the new leader on Nature Publishing Index (Asia)

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    Nature is one of the most prestigious science journals in the world. For the first time, China has published more papers in Nature than Japan. The key metric is the "corrected count" (or CC). The CC makes the proper adjustment to divide credit on joint research collaboration among countries.

    China is responsible for 419 articles that Nature accepted for publication. Japan trails at a distant 331.

    This is a momentous shift as China claims the crown of the top rank on the Nature Publishing Index (NPI) for the Asia-Pacific region.
    Nature Publishing Index - Available in 20th June Nature - Advertising at NPG

    "The Nature Publishing Index is an international ranking of top level research institutions based on the number of articles published in Nature’s world renowned research journals. We have created a database to derive rankings based on publication output....

    The Nature Publishing Index provides valuable insight into the quality and quantity of research being carried out by top research organizations across the globe. The publishing rankings will recognize only the top countries and institutions that have produced quality research...."

    Country rankings | Nature Publishing Index Asia-Pacific | Nature Publishing Group


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