China, India open "Year of Friendship"

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    China, India open "Year of Friendship" - Xinhua |

    BEIJING, Jan. 24 (Xinhua) -- China and India on Friday launched their "Year of Friendship in 2014," which they hope will increase understanding and cooperation between the two big countries.

    Chinese Vice President Li Yuanchao attended the opening ceremony in Beijing, along with dozens of diplomats, cultural figures, businesspeople and officials.

    Li said China-India ties are facing new opportunities and mutual friendship and cooperation will benefit the two peoples as well as contributing to world peace, stability and prosperity.

    He pledged to further bilateral relations as this year also marks the 60th anniversary of the Five Principles of Peaceful Co-existence, which were agreed upon by China and India as a guideline for bilateral and international relations.
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    I still prefer -> :japan::japan:
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    I think India should maintain good relationship with China through talks, At the same time we have to build our capabilities to thwart any aggression from China and Pakistan.

    The message from India is clear, India want to solve the disputes with China through diplomacy and at the same time want to increase its capabilities on all fronts at a rapid rate.

    Be it west or china or pakistan India have to thwart these powers in order to maintain peace and stability of more than billion people. Immediate threat is from China and Pakistan. India should build capabilities to defend its territories in case of agression from any of two.

    West is not an immediate threat, they want to see Asia burn and china is behaving like germany of 1930's . To maintain peace and stability balancing of power should be done and Asia needs that balancing act to counter chinese rise.
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