China Hosts SCO’s Largest-Ever Military Drills

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    Video of the drill:

    WZ-10 and WZ-19 attack helos, PLZ-05 self-propelled artillery delivering drone-guided rounds, and an airmobile assault on a separatist-held village.

    Apparently the drill involved:

    Zero hour. A town declaring "independence" after being seized by separatists/terrorists
    Hour 1: Total media blackout, ISP shutdown, all shortwave and longwave communications channels jammed and secured by electronic warfare aircraft and ground vehicles.
    Hours 2-3. Aircraft, drones, and helicopters securing LZs and an airborne/SF regiment parachuting in the LZs around the town to stop traffic in or out of the village
    Hours 4-6. Artillery and aircraft systematically destroying target zones inside the town, while armor was detached to support the airborne regiment's interdiction points. Simulated negotiations with separatists via electronic communications channels, while separatist transmission points were transferred to artillery fire direction centers.
    Hour 6. Negotiations ended by government side, full artillery bombardment begins.
    Hour 7. A pitched battle between fleeing separatists/refugees where separatists were identified from the refugee column via drone surveillance and systematically targeted and destroyed by aircraft and ground fire.
    Hours 8-10. More bombardment of the town, including with incendiaries and fuel air explosives to destroy targets hiding in cellars and basements via oxygen deprivation. Estimated 95% of housing structures in town destroyed down to building foundation level.
    Hour 11. Ground forces move in to secure the town and round up all civilians into humanitarian camps with political re-integration and re-education facilities, with simulated NGOs working on-site.
    Hour 12. Simulated press conference with tour of town given to journalists by military PR officers, interviews with selected civilians conducted with military supervision.
    Hours 12-15. Logistics trucks reloaded with additional humanitarian supplies, full refugee camp established near former town.
    Hour 15 onwards: humanitarian assistance, drone support redirected to search and destroy outside of initial town vicinity, special forces dispatched on nighttime arrest or kill missions across wider region (a simulated province or state) via helicopter.

    End of drill resulted in 99% separatist/terrorist eradication rate with a tolerable level of collateral damage, while media impressions were controlled to deliver psyops optimal outcome.
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    ZTZ99A tank ,ZBD04A IFV, HJ10 NLOS ATM , 35mm SPAG and some other latest , Adevanced and informationalized weapon system in PLA army service were official revealed in this excise...with this chance ,now we could discuss these new models more openly than before...


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