China Hits Back at Dissident's Latest Allegations

Discussion in 'China' started by Ray, May 16, 2012.

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    China is an interesting place.

    If you do not subscribe to the Communist Govt's view and are not subservient to it, or fight for the rights of the poor and deprived, you get thrashed, jailed, put on house arrest, sent to the hospital for psychiatric bludgeoning and so on.

    It is also an interesting phenomenon that is so Communist Chinese - every time anyone takes up the case, they are told not to interfere in Chinese affairs.

    It is surprising that those who are in trouble, rush to the US diplomatic mission for safety.

    Now Chen has complained that his family members are being thrashed by the Chinese Police. Not surprising. It is believable since Chinese rush to the US diplomatic mission for safety.

    All countries have dissidents. But they don't rush to the US diplomatic missions for their safety. Instead, they go to the Courts.

    Does show what a Police State China is and what games at Mind Control they play!
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